Death Card Hoodie

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We are switching over from Blocking Printing to Screen Printing these bad boys.

Designs based on tarot cards. Death is taking a break on the front and he's hard a work on the back.

There are some differences between the two offerings.

We screen print using Water Based Inks. They come out super soft and they're environmentally friendly.

The block prints are hand pressed front and back onto hand carved linoleum blocks. Each of these will have flaws making each one unique.

The screen print on the front is 4x6" and the back is 12.5x15"

The block print on the front is 4x6" and the back is 16x20"

We will not block print morehoodies. Our current stock are the last ones.

They are all printed on Independent Trading Hoodies. They are super premium! 100% Cotton outside, 80/20% Cotton/Poly fleece inside.

The carved blocks in the pictures are not included.


Lynzie Costa
Aleah Glory